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Attract streams of new customers
Educate the market about your products
Rank for hundreds of keywords
Create new sales channels
Sell more to existing customers
Influence buying decisions
Reach customers while they’re researching

There is nothing better than great content to boost your SEO, and your business is full of great content. All we need to do is discover it and tell the world.

If you want to attract thousands of new customers and influence their buying decision, you’re going to love this…  

“Never lose sight of the fact that all SEO ranking signals revolve around content of some kind.” — Duane Forrester

Get the best SEO and leave the competition in the dust. Here’s what you get:

  • Backlinks
  • Blog content
  • Web pages
  • SEO titles
  • Analytics tracking & reporting 
  • Google verification
  • Bing verification
  • Sitemaps
  • Keyword research
  • Strategic content creation
  • Customer profiling
  • Onsite cross-linking
  • Offsite citations and links
  • Anchor text correction
  • Service webpages

Plus, because I believe marketing must deliver maximum value for the lowest cost, I’ll help you turn your SEO content into so much more than just SEO…

  • Social posts
  • YouTube videos
  • Web pages
  • Slideshare presentations
  • Email Newsletters
  • Blog content
  • Web pages
  • Testimonials
  • Ebooks
  • Case studies
  • Pinterest Boards 

My hourly rate is currently just a fraction what you’ll pay at an agency. Plus, I add value at every turn by investing in powerful marketing and time-saving tools. But don’t wait because I can only take on so many clients at once.

The best way to start is having a chat. My promise is quite simply to get more done and squeeze the maximum value out of every hour of work. And I do it while taking up the minimum of your precious time.

SEO can change your business direction forever and with Fry Media there are so many benefits!

SEO is unknown territory for many business owners. Here’s straight-shooting answers to common SEO questions

“Unless there’s no rhyme or reason to your keyword research, you need to know which opportunities will take the least amount of your limited resources to yield the highest ROI.” — Neil Patel, NeilPatel.com


  • Is there a lock in contract? No, you are free to leave anytime, however I recommend committing to 6 months as SEO takes time.
  • How long does SEO take? Best case scenario is some pages will rank in a couple of months. I have strategies to create timely content that ranks fast (e.g. new product released) as well as long-lasting content that ranks well for years. In some cases, even a top ranking website can take 6 months for new content to rank, but the rewards in a highly competitive market are huge, as you can probably imagine.
  • Do you offer performance guarantees? As every market, industry, and business is different, unfortunately there is no guarantee. I give my absolute all on every job but ultimately it’s my time you’re buying. You will, however, get exceptional value from the content produced.
  • Does SEO work for B2B? Almost every industry can benefit from SEO. Even if you’re selling to executives, they’re still interested in something.
  • Do I need to rebuild my website? Probably not, but it can help. I can work with most websites and CMSs (content management systems). In my experience, some CMSs work better than others for SEO, plus are faster (i.e. cheaper) to update and maintain. Simply give me a call and we can look at it together.
  • Where do you get the content? On Day 1 we’ll go over your customers and what you do in detail. I will guide the process to discover both the detail I need and what your customers care about. Using this information, and other research, I write all the content myself in Brisbane.

SEO done right is still one of the best marketing investments a business can make

One example of past content on the ‘Top 5 Perth Car Shows & Events’ not only outranked other major websites and attracted the exact audience the business needed, it also helped pave the way to expanding my client’s business into the Perth market.

But that’s just the start. This one article also became:

  • A Facebook ad to reach more people in the marketing
  • Retargeting audiences to promote car transport to Perth
  • Very popular social posts of all the car show dates (which we then repeated for other states)
  • The focus of a newsletter for that month as marketing to car enthusiasts.

All this, simply by understanding what drives your customers!

“When taking a content-first approach, our job as marketers is not to create more content … it’s to create the minimum amount of content with the maximum amount of results.” — Robert Rose

What would happen to your business if you triple your organic traffic? How many new customers would that bring? And how much other advertising or marketing dollars would that save you?

Why wait another second? Simply leave your details and I’ll call you for a free SEO consultation!

A bit about me:

How I ‘earnt my stripes’ in SEO

When I started I thought I knew what SEO was. I’d read all the blogs by all the top people. But what learnt by actually writing and strategising SEO in a professional environment was invaluable, and very very powerful.

The premise was simple: create content your customer wants to read.

(Remember: Google is in the business of connecting people with what they’re looking for. So feed Google what it wants. If you follow this simple idea you will succeed.)

My job was to write blogs. All I had was a given blog title, and they grey mushy stuff between my ears.

Some content would be popular and generate lots of views. Others would get almost completely looked over, never to be seen. More importantly, we never knew which blogs would bring in the most customers.

So here’s what I did…

Instead of relying on ‘experts’, I gave up my nights, my weekends, the bus ride to the office, every spare minute, pouring over the data available. 

  • I found a new (and exciting, if you’re into that kind of thing, which I obviously am) tracking tools to learn which headings worked, which topics outranked others, and ultimately what customers cared about the most.
  • I learned if backlinks are good value or a waste of time. Do off-shore SEO services at bargain-basement prices deliver on their promises? (In my experience – not at all).
  • There’s subtleties to SEO ‘headline readers’ ignored. Tone of voice is important, not because ‘Google requires it’, but people stay longer if your website is easy to read.
  • You must provide value. Otherwise, why would people stay?
  • Learn to write to match your audience. If your customer isn’t technical, write how you speak and they love it.

With experience, hard work, and a lot of testing and measuring, I feel very confident in bringing a high quality SEO to most businesses.

Hearing business’ stories and turning them into quality content is my favourite thing. I am thoroughly looking forward to hearing about yours.

Good things happen when you rank well on Google. So lets turn your website into a Google-friendly customer magnet!